[written in January 2019]


We have time

Long hours and golden sunlight

Each day offers the same amount of hours

Our city is awake

(Never sleeping) and in the sun

People brighten like tulips

Turning their faces south.


The water is always blue

And the sunlight is dripping molten

Curving around corners and rays

Punching through curtains to curl

Sleepily at the edge of the bed.


Our hearts quicken

Eyes flick from place to place

Wondering where we will be

And if perhaps we can stay.


The distance always lengthening

The ocean deepening

This city is alive and the world is waiting.


I found my voice in an open place

Listened as it echoed back,

Revealing something of myself

And sounding stronger than I felt.


What is worth doing if it isn’t anything?

Anything under the golden sun rays, dripping

Filling up our edges and chips,

Covering us like bark.

We’re ready for home,

Ready for anything.


As the sun slips away I take comfort in the expectation of dawn

Of another golden day

Of another velvet night.

Gratitude in the air around us, thick.


I see the beams slow,

Retract as if pulling its arms away

Grow quiet and furl, tuck itself below the horizon.

Sometimes I want to tuck myself away,

Behind the gentle curve of the mountains,

A tiny prick of sunlight, decide to stay for a while

On the other side of the world.