Reviewing VIDF 2019

I love writing for The Dance Current and it’s especially good when I get to choose which shows I want to review. :) This year for Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF) I decided to cover SHINY by Kelly McInnes and TRUST by 10 Gates Dancing (Tedd Robinson).

It was an extremely busy March with lots of rehearsals myself and so when I got to the Roundhouse theatre that Wednesday to see 10 Gates Dancing it had been already been a 12 hour day. I must say I was relieved to walk in and find a nice, tranquil performance space with dim lighting and two performers sitting on a bench covered by hoods.

Photo courtesy of VIDF

TRUST was a challenging piece to write about for several reasons. There were so many props and costume changes it was difficult to keep track of them all (that’s my job!). Also, the soundscore was a major influence, and in my opinion defines the piece, but it was quite complex and not always easy to figure out where certain sounds were coming from. I was a bit like an owl in the audience, swivelling my head around to search out different sounds.

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Photo courtesy of VIDF

SHINY by Kelly McInnes was a pleasure to cover because it surprised me in lots of ways– I really hadn’t known what to expect– and the gusto and grit of the three female performers was just fabulous to behold. Also, the props and bare skin were as affective as effective. See below a quote from my review.

“Throughout the work the performers’ naked and sweating bodies are pressed and pinched against plastic, packing tape and paper so visibly it is difficult to not flinch.”

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