Making my own art

I’ve been repeating to myself recently– surprised and proud– I made something!

The culmination of a lot of research and three performances of Distraction are finished. This March and April I had the joy and pleasure of participating in Bloom, a choreographic residency for emerging artists run by MascallDance in the beautiful West end of Vancouver. Coming out of my time at Parkgate Community Centre in December, I already had quite a bit of material to work from and so myself and two dancers dove into the topic with the new obstacle of fabric as a stage prop.


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It’s always a mystery how dance performance evolves from an idea. My starting point: connection with obstructions (What keeps us from connecting with others?) The actual piece: a deep and imaginative study of dancing with fabric.

I’m incredibly grateful to have had this time to put together a short work. It’s just a small stepping stone but for me it feels big, like a leap over empty space. The clock keeps ticking and I’m moving forward continually, small steps and big leaps, and getting ever closer to something- truth? discovery? a sense of self and what my contribution will be in this dance landscape and this society and this incredible city of mountains, oceans and sky.

Thank you to Erik ZennstrΓΆm for the great photos.