Vines Festival 2020

Working with Caroline MacCaul, SFU graduate

The last few months have been abnormal to say the least. Since COVID hit, it’s been a tough time for dance artists. I have really missed being in class training with friends, creating work and performing. So much of what we do just can’t be recreated online.

That’s why it’s been so satisfying to be part of Vines Festival, working on a piece by Caroline MacCaull (@carolinemaccaull). Rehearsing and filming the project was a bright spot in an otherwise dreary and overcast June. I met Caroline through Heather Lamoureux, artistic director of Vines Art Festival in Vancouver. She’s an SFU grad with an interest in working with new media and so when Vines Festival made the decision to switch to a livestreaming format in August, adapting the project for film was totally in her comfort zone.

It was a treat to meet some sweet young dancers who are either just graduating from SFU or finishing up their final year. The piece will be livestreamed through Vines Arts Festival on Thursday, August 13. Get your pay-what-you-can tickets here.