Documenting Improv

June, 2021, with Gemma Crowe and Deanna Peters.

Today the talented Gemma Crowe stepped into our improv project to film some of the findings. Even though it was 39 degrees outside, we managed to do 3 hours of filming at the lovely 45 West Hastings studio, run by Future Leisure.

Among the tasks/ideas Deanna and I have been exploring, I enjoyed adding in the new prompt of a camera to “up the ante” so to speak and work with an audience’s gaze. It’s fun to play with framing the gaze through being inside/outside the actual frame or using body parts to “frame” the viewer’s perspective.

Today wraps up my mentorship grant with Deanna, and over the year I have learnt so much. She is a thoughtful and generous outside eye and she’s encouraged me in many ways, both in my dancing and life as an artist.